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Released on: 2010-12-29

Hi! This is me:

A picture of me
Above: A picture of me

At the age of 6, my dad taught me the basics of electronics, and I’ve been trying to electrocute myself ever since.

This blog began from requests from my friends to blog about the stuff I build. Few of these hacks are technically amazing. Instead they are a creative use of technology. Sometimes they are a proof of concept. Other times they are a “Wouldn’t it be cool if ______?”. Since then things have diversified a lot. I’m still doing the silly hacks, but I’ve also got several of my own open source projects at varying levels of completeness.

For season 2, and I had a co-host, Tim Hildyard who brought a certain vibe to the show that I feel is very valuable. We’ve worked together on many projects in the past and we tend to bounce off each other very well. He also joined me to take part in the Tarpaulin parachute episode.

The title image is of the Carphone and Jumpstarting a cellphone.

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